Fifth of a Second

Forest bound. Nostalgia powered.



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I’ve had many photoshoots before, and my experience with Addie was definitely one of my favourites! She is so kind, relatable, loving and supportive and makes you feel so comfortable fully expressing yourself.

Gina Frances
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Addie has a real gift in capturing candid moment that take you right back to that moment in time. She has such a great eye for photography, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat a million times over

Karin Nyeholt
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Addie has the exceptional ability to capture not only the natural beauty, but every special unique moment in between. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

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Addie is possibly one of the best photographers I have worked with, her creativity and flare when working with her was incredible... I felt fully empowered and completely safe to express who I was...
Addie captured the woman I am in one whole picture...

Danielle Tropiano
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