The Blood Line of Us//

Gracetown, WA. Image by Danielle Emma// Art of Kin

The very first evidence of our name is in the Doomsday book. We where ‘Hackney’ at that time.

In the 11th century the saxons of Germanic stock intertwined and we became Hockney. Following the Norman Conquest we migrated North where we worked the land in return for housing and money. The Hockney clan where unruly and often joined in revolts against King William. When he carried out the great Yorkshire massacre, also known historically as the Harrying of the North, many of us where slaughtered .. but many of us sheltered in far North Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland… developing a deep simmering hatred for the ruling South. A great many Hockney’s where part of the army known as the Pilgrimage of the Grace, which should have overthrown Henry VIII, and placed the Duke of Northumbria on the throne… which would have lifted us to higher society… alas we remained land workers, laborious and soldiers… and not surprisingly still caused trouble for the ruling faction.

Oliver Cromwell granted the Hockney’s land in Ireland, Connaught, Leinster and Ulster, where many are still wealthy land owners, but rebellious as ever turned down a coat of arms from the British Monarchy in the 1700’s.

Many travelled to the new world, and again you will find wealthy land owners in USA, Canada and Melbourne Australia.

As I read through this tiny glimpse of our history, it’s honestly no wonder where my unexplainable desire to rebel comes from when I delve deep into our lineage. I’ve always thought it was a flaw of my make-up- this deep desire to not conform. A downfall of my otherwise calm and kind character. I’ve never been able to explain it, but the moment I’m ‘told’ to do something that I don’t want to do, something bubbles inside of me that feels angry and hot, and primal! I think to have knowledge of our history… can bring us great clarity and strength for our present and future.

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